It is important to assess the performance and value of your app. There are several metrics defining and measuring the app success.

General metrics

1. App download number is the popularity indicator

2. How many times does your app appear in the search results and different social platforms? The more it is seen on platforms, the better brand awareness your app has.

Engagement metrics

3. The session is the basic measurement for app engagement which means a specified period of time that a user with a unique IP address interacts with an app. The more session users generate, the more sticky users you have.

4.How often do your users visit your app? Generally, shorter session interval is better, shorter session intervals may be a useful KPI for you.

5. Retention rate shows the number of users who come back or still continue using the app after a certain number of days after install. It is one of the most valuable metrics.

6. The lower churn rate is a good indicator of a healthy mobile app. Churn rate shows the number of users who stop using an app within a given period.