App Marketing Strategy

A common question marketer face is how to market their app. Thus, it requires a new marketing approach. Some of the unique challenges facing marketers entering the mobile app arena are unfamiliar channels, targeting problems, understanding downloads versus users, app store rankings, and more.

The following are the few app marketing strategies that are proven to be effective:

● Focus on the KPI’s that are specific to the app market.These include app store rankings, organic and loyal user acquisition, cost-per-download, and app store optimization.

● Dedicate the resources your app deserve. According to the Mobile Marketing Association’s study on marketing effectiveness in mobile apps, we should be spending more, as much as 7-9% (depending on overall app involvement), of our marketing budgets on mobile.

● Aligning the goals of all of different departments, but through ongoing communications and routine meetings with team members, you will get a better chance at hitting all of these different goals and minimizing power struggles.

● Partner your app marketing team with a mobile marketing expert.

● The strategy of marketing the experience rather than the app has caused customer experience to become a front-running issue of businesses across nearly every industry.

● The most prominent strategy to achieve ‘organic lift’.

● Ultimately, your goal is to achieve your app’s optimal rank, which is reached by finding the best balance between ad spend, app store ranking and organic downloads.

Why us?

● Make sense that you assign a dedicated team to focus on the significance and benefit of these KPIs in your marketing plan.It is also important to understand how these goals serve the overarching objectives of your company.

● Ensure that your consumers are seeing your app when you need them to the most.

● We focus on challenges include optimizing your marketing efforts to reach optimal ranks, app usage analytics, targeted media buying, and more.