Brand Artifacts

Any cue used to project the relation between you and your audience (I.e.Whatever the cue is used to hint the brand) is called brand artifact.
It may be of 2 types:
● Brand artifact of visual nature.
● Brand artifact of audible nature.
We @Landisol helps to identify the goal ,find the artifact that your story and engage people with you in a familiar and meaningful way.
Artifacts are the visible elements in a culture that can be recognized even by the people not part of the culture.

Different artifacts available are:

● Artifacts in corporate branding
● Organizational culture artifacts
● Strategic vision artifact
● Artifact: shareholders image
● Identity artifacts
● Artifacts in the LEGO corporate brand.

Brand artifacts contribution:

Ascertaining what are the contributions related to the brand that could be given by internal members.

Brand artifacts validation:

Gather insights about the processes that could lead to validation of contributions given by internal members and its implications.