Brand Positoning and Personality

Brand positioning is the part of brand and value proposition that is to be actively communicated to the target audience and that demonstrates an advantage over competing brands.
Positioning the brand comes from identifying the competitors. Identifying where the brand is positioned with respect to the rest of the market.

Elements to include in brand position:

● Target audience
● Primary and secondary
● Active communication
● Augment the image
● Reinforce the image
● Diffuse the image
● Demonstrate an advantage
● Points of superiority
● Points of parity
● Subset of identity(value proposition)
● Core identity
● Points of leverage
● Key benefits

Brand personalityis the set of human characteristics associated with brand.

Features that create brand personality:

● Product related characteristics
● Packing or features
● Product attributes
● Sponsor-ships

Brand personality is measured using (BPS)brand personality traits:

● Sincerity(down-to-earth,honest,wholesome,cheerful)
● Excitement (daring,spirited,imaginative,up-to-date)
● Competence(reliable,intelligent,successful)
● Sophistication(upper class,charming)
● Ruggedness(outdoorsy,tough)
● In order to be effective, a brand personality needs to be desirable and important enough to matter to the person using brand.
There are two elements affects relationship with the brand.
● Relationship between brand-as-a-person and the customer.
● Brand personality(the type of the person represents).


● Provides a means for customers to express their identity.
● Suggest the kind of relationship that consumers should have with the brand.
● Represents the functional benefits.