Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy looks how content marketing can be used in a strategic way. Without a content marketing strategy, you risk focusing on the content and content strategy too much and not seeing the overall goals anymore.

We @landisol work on the following aspect for creating content marketing in a strategic way:

● Analyze what content is needed to fulfill different business goals.
● Setting up the proper content planning, collaboration and scheduling processes.
● Automating specific marketing processes, using the right content at the right time on the right place.
● Planning campaigns in the overall marketing strategy whereby various content marketing tactics can be combined.
● Defining content-specific metrics and key performance indicators you will need to see if the overall marketing/business goals as defined in the content marketing strategy and ideally for your marketing ROI.

Steps to build content marketing strategy

● define the content marketing goal

● research and understand the audience

● set up a blog

● update the current content

● brainstorm content ideas and use keyword research to find what the audience are looking for

use social media to promote your content.