Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway

To accept online payments, you need both a payment gateway and an online shopping cart.

An online shopping cart is an E-Commerce software. It holds items for purchase, calculates tax and shipping, and totals the order amount.

The gateway allows merchants to process credit card transactions in real time and it allows a customer to know instantly if their sale is approved.

Before building an E-commerce site it is important to understand about the specific roles held by shopping cart and payment gateway

The role of online shopping cart:

● Providing security and safety.

● Offering convenience.

● Helps to measure payment results.

The role of payment gateway:

● Authorize transactions

● Communicate with payment parties

● Managing transactions

Why us?

We have different criteria’s based on which we design the shopping cart and payment gateway:

Shopping Cart criteria:

Simple and low-cost

● Integration with our payment gateway

● Good user experience

● setup time

● Customer support

Payment Gateway criteria:

● Cost

● Integration with shopping cart provider

● Portability of data

● Accessibility of funds (risk of holding back money)

● Customer support

● Setup time