Shopping campaigns

Drive more clients to your products with engaging retail encounters through shopping campaigns. Product Ads exhibit items in significant ways that can include custom pictures, pricing your organization name – putting searchers closer to making a purchasing choice even before they click. We can expand your reach by using Bing and put searcher close to the purchase.

Shopping advertising on Google and Bing is the best and smart ad solution. Mostly helpful for E-Commerce business. At Landisol we help to promote your products in Google search results.

why shopping advertising with us?

● We provide our clients with statics proof of efficiency

● It offers the best optimization of your products on the search results.

● It accounts for nearly 40% of product discovery on the web

● it accounts for over 50% of product clicks.

● world's top best companies invest a significant amount of revenue in product list ad campaigns.

Benefits of Shopping Advertisement:

● Product feed help in faster discovery of products by your targeted customers

● Outlines only the important information that the buyers are interested in

● Includes product photo, price, merchant name and link that re-directs to original shopping portal

● High Return On Investment

Why Choose LANDISOL for Shopping Advertisement?

It's a constantly evolving ad campaign that has yield positive results for the businesses. Here at LANDISOL, we take great efforts to launch a profitable shopping ad campaign for our customers and have succeeded in our every venture. Here's why..

Expert Team - Our team of trained professionals plan the right strategy for your shopping Ad campaign

Comprehensive skill set - We continuously research on current market trends and keep ourselves updated with latest changes in search engine algorithm

Proven Strategies - We implement proven market techniques to deliver maximum ROI to our customers


Ecommerce marketing is all about growing the audience of your online store and attracting more customers to drive more sales and more revenue.

It sounds simple. But the reality of ecommerce marketing, as with everything in ecommerce, is that it’s a complex discipline. It’s also arguably the easiest to analyse, because we’re able to see how many people buy and how much they spend and to directly relate that back to a marketing channel (in most cases).

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