Innovation and Influencer Marketing

These are some of the statistics that show the growing impact of influencer marketing. Brands are rightly putting their money into influencers to increase their revenues.

According to a recent study comprised of marketers from a variety of industries, 94% said influencer marketing was an effective campaign strategy.

Here are four things you need to consider when launching an influencer marketing campaign:

● Expertise
● Reach
● Demographic
● Notoriety

Types of innovative influencer marketing campaigns are:

● Tracking ROI, using discount codes and affiliate marketing.

● Compensations and giveaways are excellent avenues for gaining greater brand exposure.

● Building a successful influencer strategy is all about being goal-oriented. Therefore determine the goals and KPIs to understand the influencer landscape.

>The most targeted goals of the influencer marketing would be:

● Building brand awareness.

● Attracting a new target market.

● Facilitating lead generation.