Lead generation


Outsourcing lead generation gives 46% more success rate than doing it in house. 63% marketers says that generating lead is more challenging.

To, succeed in digital marketing you need to continuously stay ahead of the curve, for that you need to seek new horizons for your company. we as an LANDISOL analyse your local market and find out what drives the customer to buy. who are they buying from. Our marketing agency provide best services to clients and enable them to help to generate more leads and client conversation.

It's no secret that marketing has changed its structures and the way they work in the past years, 80% of the buyers\customers choose the first or the one on the top of the lead. Lead generation has become a strategy to create demand and get your marketing messages heard in multiple channels. Using lead generation we can improve brand awareness, build relationships, generate qualified leads and ultimately to close the deals. Here, In LANISOL we collect the data or analyse the potential customers in order to nurture them so that they become one of your lead/ loyal customers.

what we do:

Every successful business will have numbers, how in depth each business willing to go depends on them. However with our précised analytical report your head would spin.

● Generate high quality leads.
● website and SEO
● Social media
● Email marketing and many more services.

We focus more on top side of the funnel with you and your sales team to get excellent results.

We as an LANDISOL is the one stop shop where we can listen to your business needs and then explore marketing opportunities & create services you require whether that be a Website, Online Marketing, and Developing app on phone. We have produced some great campaign results for our clients where we have been able to use a good mix of SEO, pay per click and social media advertising.

Lead statistics/solutions:

Lead generation can help more sales in less time with administrative tasks.

Effective tactics are used to generate lead by taking company website, tradeshows, email marketing, SEO, virtual outfits, public relations, PPC, social media, online advertising, direct mail, print advertising.

LANDISOL use different matrix to figure out ROI by measuring cost per lead, revenue, lead volume.

Our Professional Marketing Team:

Our team is dedicated professionals who can help you to succeed. with top marketing experts, analysts and decoders. We make sure that your company factors are fully in place to sustain the leads generated by our services. We go above and beyond to make our clients chattered on top of the game.