Media Planing and Buying

In LANDISOL, we offer our clients to understand their business strategy and help them to build a clear picture about their target audience. Some companies divide or prioritise only one of them but as we see both are integrated with each other.

We, Analyse and research target audience behaviour, purchase media habit. Maintaining good contacts with media owners ensuring media tactics, circulation, viewing figures are up to date.

Advising our clients with best and most effective media combination, giving them appropriate timing of media activities, based up on media patterns and seasonal factors. Proposing media proposals, including timings and cost breakdowns, helping our clients reach final destination.

Resulting, our clients can get best advertising rates that fit with the agreed media strategy. Even we suggest different options to the media planner and client. LANDISOL adjust media schedules to latest audience figures.

we manage our clients budgets and maintain advertising spend records as well as update them with effectiveness of the campaign.