Mobile Advertising

At LANDISOL you can increase your mobile visibility and prospective reach of customers on their smart phones with mobile advertising. Have a simple look around. On the street or in a waiting room. There’s no doubt: mobile is on the rise. Being mobile friendly is very imp these days.

Mobile ads help you to reach your target audience as they use their phones and tablets all day. Mobile ads are watched over 84% of mobile users.


Mobile marketing helps to optimise your business in user perception of your brand, improve brand awareness, and increase digital visibility by reaching your potential customers browsing through web from a mobile device.

Based on your needs, we will create a best strategy that can campaign. To optimise your visitors’ mobile experience, we will consider the following steps for an optimal mobile approach:

● User experience. This is a key factor we strongly recommend having either dedicated mobile site, or a mobile friendly site, such as a site built under a responsive web design.

● Mobile pay per click. In this we develop a mobile pay per click targeting especially mobile users maximise your mobile search exposure.

● Pay per call. A campaign is created to mobile search ads campaign with click-to-call phone numbers that allows your prospective clients directly call you, with a simple click.

● Alternative mobile strategies. In this we think of implementing other alternative stratigies useful for your business like recreation of mobile app, app store optimisation (ASO), advertising on apps, SMS marketing, etc.