On-Page Optimization

On page SEO has changed over years. so it's very important to keep up with the current trend. This on page SEO is mainly used to rank higher in order and earn relevant traffic in the search engines.

Here at LANDISOL we as an expert team will work in hand to hand with you for developing good strategies and methods that suit your business needs, requirements and budget.

we are committed to deliver world class results, high grade rankings and continuous growth. we promise to put in hard work to maximise SEO techniques using in house tools.

whether its small or corporate business we have ability to do things properly with bundles of our services where clients can personalise their marketing campaign.

Some of our elements from on-page content optimisation and on-page technical optimisation services(but not limited to these)

● Auditing
● Competition Analysis
● Keyword Research and Analysis
● Content Strategy
● Branding
● Web Design and Development
● Website Error Reports and Fixes
● Content & META data optimisation
● the “crawlability” of your domain
● correct implementation of international targeting (HREF=”Lang”)
● page speed optimisation
● Correction of 404 errors & 301 redirects
● HTML and XML sitemap optimisation
● URL structures & informational architecture.
● Duplicate content
and many more....