Play Store Optimization

As it saturated market,and in order to compete,you need the ability to optimize your app for both store search ability and direct user appeal.

The following are some ways to optimize your play store:

I.Optimizing title is necessary to accomplish 2 different goals:

- For right search queries.

-excite visitors and clink on the listings.

3 requirements for an ideal title are

-relevant key words

-2-3 words or 25 characters

-describes app function

II.Optimize the icon:icon is also a major factor helping users in deciding whether or not to click on the app.

Distinguishing factors that differentiate the icon from its competitors are:

-distinct shape

-limited color palette

-unique creative element

III.Optimize your description

-use SEO practices in your description.

-review your app description.

-focus on the user and what they get from your app.