PPC account auditing

A PPC account is a complex setup with many different factors can be changed to cut down wasted spend, increment CTR's, improve quality score and in turn convey better results for your business.

At LANDISOL we help to audit what are the normal mistakes that are made like ,poor utilization of negatives, low quality advertisement ad copy, off base point of arrival use and overspending on the presentation organize through inadequately focused on placements.

We will look at your current PPC setup and identify any potential changes can be made to make sure you are spending your budget effectively.

We also look at your Google analytics set up ensuring all the PPC campaigns are being followed accurately and objectives are set up so you can decide how effective specific PPC campaigns are for your business.

Get in touch with us in the event that you need to find out about our PPC services and how we can improve your PPC and grow your business.