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good SEO practices can save you from experiencing a whole lotta pain in your affiliate marketing journey.

Affiliate marketing from the SEO standpoint is focused on finding products that have great deal of search traffic and have affiliate products that offer a reasonable commission per sale. affiliate marketer combines personal knowledge with a solid SEO strategy to build a website that is capable of earning substantially over its lifetime.


Finding Keywords to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Site.

Once you decide the niche you are going to set up an affiliate site in, you need to find keywords that will get visitors to your site. You have two options for getting starting

1. Select a product to promote within your niche and find keywords related to it

This method requires you to start by researching the top-performing affiliate products in your niche. If you are new to affiliate marketing, this could be as simple as setting up an account with ClickBank and looking for products that tie into what you would write about on your website or blog. ClickBank allows you to sort by categories so finding products in almost any niche is pretty easy. When looking at products to promote, sort by Gravity, the higher the Gravity number, the better a product has proven to convert.

we at landisol Find buyer keywords in your niche and find products that are relevant to those terms.

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