SEO Boosting Elements

These elements are responsible for the search engine rankings and improve the user experience and usability of website.

Factors that affect the website ranking are:

● Effectiveness

● Efficiency

● Learnability

● Memorability

● Error prevention

The following are the elements that not only improve your ranking but also help to increase SEO ranking (SEO boosters):

● Useful, high quality and relevant content

● Increasing page load speed, optimizing image size.

●Outbound links -linking out to well respect authority sites.

● Different multimedia-they act as a signal of quality content to the search engines. Websites using videos can achieve 4.8% higher conversion rate.

● Broken links- they act as a signal of old, neglected sites and has an impact on SEO ranking.

● Readability - making content easy to read and understand helps make it useful to readers. Some experts say that reading is taken into account for ranking webpages.

● Layout and formatting - proper formatting and a user friendly layout can help in improving user experience resulting in increase of SEO ranking.

● Contact us page - sufficient contact information are considered to be more trust worthy.

● Site architecture and navigation - a well thought out site architecture reflected in a clear navigation is critical in helping visitors (repeated visits improve SEO ranking).

● Mobile optimization - not being mobile optimized is going to affect users experience and conversion.