Social Media Optimization

A social media optimization strategy should focus on growing your presence and achieving measurable results.

SMO allows you to:

● Strengthen your brand

● Generate leads

● Get more visibility online

● Connect with your audience

In order to optimize your social media marketing campaigns, you have to have a strategy with clearly defined goals and objectives.

Hashtags help with social media optimization by giving your posts more reach, and making it easier for your content to be found even by people who aren’t following you. Just like with SEO, you should track your SMO efforts with social media analytics.


Social media optimization often directs the public from social websites to the company website In order to understand the needs of social media users and respond to them accordingly, it is advisable to monitor social media pages. So we @Landisol ensure that we make SMO efforts by:

● Integrating social media into your website.

● Aligning SEO keywords with social media.

● Make sure you take advantage of all the positives that social media networks have to offer.