White papers/News Letters/ Technical Content

White paper is a form of content marketing, company’s content available on the web intended to raise the visibility of the company’s in search engine results and helps in build web traffic.

Three main types of commercial white papers.
● Backgrounder: It explains the technical benefits and business benefits of a company’s offerings, products, service and methodology. It is used to support a product launch.
●Numbered list:It presents set of tips, questionsor points about a certain business issue.
● Problem/solution: Gives solutions or improve process in dealing with complex business problems. It is best used to generate leads to Executives.

Newsletter is a printed report containing information of activities of Business. It is sent by mail to all the members, customers, employees and subscribers. It contain only one topic of interest to recipients.

Technical content may have persuasive objectives. The difference in those objectives separates the practices of technicaland marketing communication. Therefore, business goal must tie the content into organizational strategy.

We@ Landisol ensure that the content is managed properly and technical information can helps in following ways:

● Meet regulatory requirements with minimum cost
● Extend your global reach by delivering content optimized for each market
● Reduce technical support cost
● Improve customer satisfaction
● Lower the overall cost of information development