WebEngage is a marketing automation software that enables B2C companies to grow their revenues through their existing customers and anonymous users.

Web Engagement Management is a composite concept. These are the 5 parts we consider its core:

● Content Optimization
This include integrated analytics, content and experience personalization, optimization and SEO.
● Multi-channel Management
Consistency is important and web engagement maintains it by delivering the same message/experience to customers across channels both online and offline.
● Conversational Engagement
Web engagement supports this through communities, user generated content, micro-blogging, social media integration, analytics, social media monitoring.
● Demand Generation
Targeted marketing is huge. With an overall goal of increasing the number and quality of relationships, the aid of demand generates through need recognition.
● Sales Automation
This idea is manifest in web engagement in areas like two-way CRM integration, social CRM and e-mail or other campaign integration with the content platform.

Why us?

Every business is targeted and optimized for the end user or a consumer to whom they are selling their products or services. Therefore we @ landisol ensure web engage as an ultimate context in developing a brand or a business in the marketplace. The site engagement not only helps to sell products or services, it makes your customers loyal and stay with you for a long time.